What About Travel and Your IPhone?

If you like to travel and / or you must travel for work, the Apple iPhone might be a great solution for you. One of the newest and best features of the Apple iPhone is its GPS capability. The navigator is built-in and it knows exactly where you are. It is so good that sometimes I don’t even carry my dedicated Garmin GPS around with me. If you’re always moving around, and who isn’t these days, you’ll always have a navigation system with you. Travel and your iPhone is really a great match up.

Some people wonder why you would need a navigator on your cell phone. Many people would prefer to just stop a local and ask for directions. But, what if you are going to meet your friends for a night on the town and it’s a new bar? Or, if you need to go to multiple places that same evening? It quickly becomes difficult to remember how to get to all the different locations.

One of the nicest features of the GPS is its ability to give you turn by turn directions. Now, dedicated GPS units also provide this feature, but the Apple iPhone also shows it both textual and graphical format. But, in addition to that, the Apple iPhone GPS system seems to be more up to date than my dedicated Garmin GPS. The latest maps and streets are on the unit. So far, there hasn’t been any charge for new maps, which is a good thing. And, finally with the GPS unit, you also get free traffic updates, which is an added cost on the Garmin.

Other great travel features of the Apple iPhone is the built-in movie player and the ability to read eBooks and listen to music. The iPod portion of the Apple iPhone is like having your own theater or disco party right in your own hands. Imagine driving a few hundred miles without having these distractions to help you get through the drive? Also part of this built-in theater is the ability to watch YouTube videos, especially if you have an Internet connection, which is almost a surety since there are many ways to connect to the Internet with the Apple iPhone.

Besides having these great built-in applications, you also have the ability to download even more programs and games to keep you busy. For example, one of the free fun games that I’ve downloaded is Papi. The built-in gyro feature of the Apple iPhone is what makes it a unique game to play. I’ve played that game for hours and so have my kids.

Now that you’ve seen why travel and your iPhone are matched well together, make sure to remember this before your next trip. You can load up on movies, eBooks, music and TV channels before you leave… assuming, of course, you have enough memory left over. Use the built-in navigator to figure out where to go and find places to visit along the way.