Think About Travel Options When Potty Training Toddlers

It is hard enough to potty train a child at home where there is facilities nearby. It is even harder on a trip and you don’t want them to revert back to using a diaper. While it is an option in certain situations, the goal is to plan ahead. This is necessary whenever you are potty training toddlers.

One way to deal with this situation is to make sure you take a lot of stops, allowing the toddler to go to the bathroom. However, what happens when you are in the middle of nowhere and there isn’t a bathroom in sight. In certain places, you can take them to a corn field or another secluded area, but this won’t necessarily be a positive experience for someone going through the potty training process.

This is why many pack a potty chair for their travels, especially if they are going on a long trip in a vehicle. While you wouldn’t have wanted to use the old fashioned training toilets, today’s travel chairs are ideal. They are designed for kids and can easily be carried, stashed or have the bowl omitted. Convenience is the key for everyone involved and it helps those potty training toddlers.

The potty chairs come in a wide range of prices. The idea is to purchase the travel option because it can be folded up when it isn’t in use. They are made from plastic and in the same shape and size as the standard seat. The seats come in a number of different patterns and colors. Another option is a self-contained potty chair where a plastic bag is lined with the seat and catches all of the waste. It then folds back into a compact briefcase and has a gallon zipper lock bag that works as the liner.