All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

This article explains basic travel insurance information. Travel insurance sometimes called holiday insurance should provide these basic things.

1- Cover for canceling or cutting short your holiday, for reasons outside your control;
2- Missed transport or delayed departures for reasons outside your control;
3- Medical and other emergency expenses;
4- Personal injury and death;
5- Damaged, lost or stolen personal property;
6- Accidental damage or injury you cause to someone else.

You can buy annual or single-trip policies.

Most travel insurance policies do not include high risk sports and dangerous activities, such as ski-ing, mountain climbing or scuba diving. So check if you are covered. If not you will have to pay extra.

If you have to cancel or cut short your trip. You must show you had good reason to shorten or cancel it. A list of the reasons will be included in your policy.

It is worth checking your household contents insurance policy. As this may already cover you for loss or damage to your personal belongings, while you are abroad. If this is the case you should ask for a discount. In the event of a claim it simplifies matters,and your claim and pay-out will be quicker, because if there are two insurance companies involved,they will both spend months haggling over who is responsible for the claim.

If you have a credit card it sometimes include free travel insurance. If you use it to pay for your holiday check carefully what you are covered for, as it may not provide full cover for everything.

Some package holiday companies offer their own insurance. However you do not have to accept it. You can purchase your own insurance separately, usually much cheaper. A travel agent must not charge you more for a package holiday,because you did not buy their insurance. If a travel agent tries to do this, you should contact your nearest trading standards department.

If you have to make claim, contact the insurance company as soon as possible to request a claim form. They may have an international helpline you can call, usually printed on your policy document or in the handbook. If not phone them as soon as you return home.

You are expected to take reasonable care of your belongings. And your insurer will want evidence of loss or damage. When a crime is involved, you must try to report it to the police within 24 hours, if possible.

Keep receipts for all goods and services that you wish to claim for.


Always get receipts for medication and treatment.

If you need medical treatment on holiday, telephone your insurer as soon as possible to get authorization for the treatment. If possible contact them before agreeing to the cost of the treatment.

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition? This means that, if you already had a health problem or illness before you purchased the policy. You must tell the insurance company, or your claim will be rejected.

Don`t rely on your EHIC card to cover all your medical costs abroad. As those countries that do offer UK citizens state healthcare, will only provide the same care as a citizen of that country would expect to receive.

Always take your insurance information, policy documents or photo copies with you. So you have details of what to do, and who to telephone in an emergency.

Know More About Travel Wallets

If you are planning for a business tour or just for a leisure tour with your friends or family, there may be several important personal details that you may need during the trip. An ordinary cash wallet will not help you to carry all your critical personal data like ID cards, passport, cheques and important papers conveniently in it. You have to look for a better one in that case. It is in such a situation that a travel wallet can help you. Travel wallets are the best companion and the recently introduced product among wallets that are designed exclusively for people who are often on the go. Available in fabulous collections of styles, colors, sizes, shapes, and materials, you have the opportunity to shop from different varieties of travel wallet available in the market. Along with different styles and designs, travel wallets of different materials like leather, cloth, vinyl etc are also available. You can choose from different materials of travel wallet depending on your needs for traveling. You should look for a better quality if you have a frequent need for traveling with your wallet. This will help you to keep your travel wallet with you longer without changing them often.

Travel wallet acquires the name and popularity owing to the function they offer. Due to your need for carrying all your essential things during traveling, it is designed with ample size and comes in standard shapes to accommodate all the things comfortably. Depending upon the occasion, you can choose casual and formal models for your needs. There are numerous classy as well as trendy varieties of wallets available for you. You can choose the color that complements your outfit as well. A travel wallet is always provided with a separate space for holding your passport that is an important document for you while traveling. It will also enable your passport to be picked out easily without messing with other things. The passport holder is designed in such a way as to be opened quickly and shown whenever required to. With all these convenient features blended in one wallet, you have more control over your wallet and can easily find the things without fishing in it and pulling out all the papers and bills out. Moreover, they are also designed with lightweight and compact profile for you to keep in your pockets and pouches of your bags.

Information About Travelers and Short Term Auto Insurance

Are you a regular traveler who loves to take road trips? Then you are aware of the need for travel insurance policies. You may already know there are many possible risks involved and if you purchase this type of auto insurance coverage for every single trip you take you probably will be wasting your time, effort and money. All you need to do if you are a regular traveler by car is to purchase an annual travel insurance plan that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you have never bought an annual travel insurance plan there are a few basics that you should use when choosing the proper insurance plan. There are certain guidelines that will assist you to comprehend your vehicles insurance needs in this specific type of policy.

Since insurance coverage minimums and maximums vary from state to state, you need to be aware of the best insurance for your traveling needs. As always, the best way to find the type of insurance coverage you need is to go on the internet and comparison shop. When doing this you should make sure that the insurance you are purchasing will cover the different requirements of each state you are traveling through. It would be wise to chose one of the top insurance companies that have offices and representatives in every state so that if you are in an accident all you have to do is call your insurance company’s 800 number to locate the nearest representative and report the accident.

If you are a person who travels a lot for business or pleasure you should always have the car rental option on your policy. Then when you are in an accident, no matter where you are, you will not be stranded without an auto. You insurance company will provide you with a rental car while yours is being repaired. If your auto is totaled in an accident you will be provided with an auto to finish your trip and then come home. Also, the towing and special roadside needs is something you should also have on your auto insurance policy and these options will keep you from being stranded in some strange place far away from your home with no one close to call for assistance.

Short term coverage may be the type of coverage you need versus long term insurance. This would protect you when you needed to have someone else drive your vehicle for a few days, or when you need to borrow someone else’s vehicle for a short while. You can purchase short term insurance for a day, a week or a month saving you having to go through lengthy paperwork or extra costs just to make a minor change to your already existing policy.

Of course, you should have the main types of coverage on your policy, such as, comprehensive, liability, collision and uninsured or underinsured motorist. This way you and your property will always be protected no matter where you are.

A Few Tips About Traveling With the Kids

A trip can either be drudgery or it can really be fun and easy with the proper preparation. When traveling with children, depending on their ages, you may need to pack extra items besides the travel essentials.

First purchase a seat organizer that is designed to go in the back seat of the car. It can be flipped towards the back of the seat so that the children can get to it. Many of their toys, books and games can be placed there.

Baby wipes don’t have to be just for the baby. If you are traveling out on the road, a restroom isn’t always convenient to wash your hands. Wet wipes can clean hands, wipe faces, and be used to wipe down anything sticky.

Just because your child is a child, doesn’t mean that their snacks have to be unhealthy. Provide your children the opportunity to snack on healthy items such as, juice box drinks, fruit, and snacks that don’t have hydrogenated oils in them. You can add just a few pieces of candy, but don’t let that be the bulk of their treats. They will be just as happy knowing that they have something to snack on during the trip.

All kids love to listen to music on their DVD player or play handheld games with items such as a Nintendo DSI.

Make sure you have plenty of pillows and blankets when they decide to fall asleep. All of these items may seem like an over-kill, but when you have children, you have to plan on taking just a little bit more. Keeping your children busy, safe, and comfortable is the key for a simple and fun trip.