10 Common Myths About Traveling in India

People are poor

This is a very common myth that is associated with India. Poverty prevails in many parts of the world and it is not just related to India alone. But it doesn’t mean that India is a poor country. We are a third world country and are growing steady growth.

It would be entirely wrong to state India as a poor nation. This is mainly because most of the movies portray only the poorest regions of India, making the people believe that India is under the poverty line.

Ever country has backward areas, but does it mean that they are poor? You can find many lavish villas in India, which will leave you dumbstruck. Some of our people may be poor in term of money, but we are rich in our hearts. You can find folks here you would treat you as their own.

Traveling alone is dangerous

There is a preconceived belief that India is a dangerous place to travel. The truth is India is much different from the other countries, but it doesn’t mean that it is unsafe. India is one of the best places for vacation for the family as well as solo trippers.

There is a rumor that the crime rate is high in India and it is not safe for women. This is truly ridiculous! Being a woman, I can assure you that India is a safe place for women. You need not worry about safety here. But being cautious is important even in our hometowns, so keep that in mind.

The Climate is Always Hot

No, it’s absurd! In India, we have a mix of seasons ranging from mild winters and warm summers. We do not have snowfall like other European or American countries, but we do have pleasant winters that are not hot. If you visit India during the summer season it will be definitely hot as it is near to the equator.

But we do have a good share of rainfall in several parts of the country. If you like to stay in a much cooler place, there are numerous hill stations in India where you can spend your vacation. The climate changes from one state to another. So it is absolutely ridiculous to think that India is always hot.

Food is always Spicy

Well, not every Indian like to eat spicy food. Some may enjoy food with lots of chillies but not everyone is tolerant of spicy food. We Indians have different cuisines that are associated with different states. Some of our foods are spicy whereas some are sweet.

Our foods are generally a combination of different tastes like sour, sweet, salty and spicy. We believe that our body requires all these tastes and we incorporate it into our diets. So, the next time you visit India, do try our multi taste delicacies.

All Indian states are over-populated

Even though we have a population of nearly 1.2 billion, not all states are crowded everywhere. Only the metropolitan cities are crowded, whereas the rural areas are devoid of large crowds.

The major tourist destinations are generally populated to attract a large crowd of tourists. If you want to stay away from the crowds, try visiting remote destinations where you can spend a peaceful vacation.

You can visit India during the off-season when the number of tourists is low and also you can visit places in a peaceful manner. Being crowded is an advantage, you can meet many new people and even find a lifelong friend!

India is Dirty

We have a common saying in our nation, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Not all our streets are strewn with trash and cans. Yes, you can find roads that are dirty. But being a populous nation, it is difficult to maintain cleanliness in all places.

But we are trying our level best to maintain a clean nation. Many parts of our country are incredibly neat and are definitely the best place to visit. Never ever miss the chance to visit India and do include us on your bucket list.

Everyone is vegetarian

When will prejudging stop, we amaze! We serve chicken, meat, pork, fish and other edible, non-vegetarian food. So it is not true that all Indians eat vegetarian delicacies. We have diverse people in our country who eat all types of food.

We proudly boast that we have unique non-vegetarian dishes which you cannot find in other countries. We have different religions, caste, and creed in our country so we have diverse cuisines. Moreover, Indian delicacies are widely liked by folks all over the world.

Travelers will be scammed

Every tourist destination has its own share of scams for vacationers. Before traveling to any place, it is wise to read about the scam that is prevalent to that place. This is to avoid such situations in your own life.

As a tripper, you are already a target for scam no matter whichever country you visit. It can be avoided only by being cautious all the time. We Indians also become victims of scams while we visit other countries.

But it is not right to think that everyone will dupe you on your trip to India. It is advisable to check the place you are staying or things you want to buy to avoid frauds. I assure you that not all Indians want to scam you.

Indians don’t speak English

No, it isn’t. We Indians may have a different accent while talking English which may be due to the influence of our native language. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know to speak English well.

You would be amazed to know that other than English many of our citizens can speak foreign languages like French, Russian, Chinese and much more. India is definitely a tourist-friendly country!

Travel is Expensive

India is one such country where you can travel with a minimal budget. It is regarded as one of the best value destinations in the world. If you research prior your trip, you can book flights and accommodations at reasonable prices. You can find many budget-friendly lodges and dormitories to stay in India.

If you traveling solo or with a group, you can opt this type of staying. You can dine in many local shops under Rs.50 in many parts of India. You can find many public means of transports which you can use to travel across the country. So, traveling to India is definitely cheap.